Streetsmart is joining Gett
It’s been a great ride!

We are grateful to all the taxi drivers who downloaded our app and used it to increase their income. By joining forces with Gett, we will continue to pursue our vision to help taxi drivers in making smarter decisions.

The Streetsmart service and app will continue working until Sep 15 2017. For any questions, please contact us at

What is Streetsmart?
StreetSmart offers a decision support system for drivers in all car services.
By usage of big data science and novel machine learning algorithms, our system will
increase efficiency of your car service and will maximize driver's profits while reducing
passengers' waiting time.
Our drivers' mobile app will direct you toward your next passenger by building a fitted route. while taking into account the varying demand and supply, road traffic and various other real-time sources.You will ride less "dead" miles between passengers while maximizing your potential profit
Our system will integrate into your current dispatch algorithms, analyze supply and demand and optimize the drivers' decisions making process while increasing their profits. On the fleet level, it will increase efficiency and reduce average customer waiting time by bringing drivers closer to customers at any moment.
Our system will optimize your fleets' operations, while increasing drivers’ efficiency and profits. Attract more drivers by promoting your fleet to use state of the art technology.
Easy to use!
Enter the streetsmart app, announce free.
Follow LIVE ride directions & get closer to your next passenger!Your e-hailing app works at background
Get booked as fast as possible!
Announce busy.
How Does It Work?
- Historical street data
Real-Time data sources:
> Traffic
> Weather
> Fleet distribution
> Events
Proprietary machine
learning algorithms
Optimal driving route shown to the driver